Environmental monitoring

In the field of environmental monitoring, a national environmental monitoring system (an environmental monitoring programme with 12 sub-programmes) has been promoted, which ensures an overview of the status of the environment at large, incl. the collection of environmental information for performing international report and data forwarding obligations.

The data of the national environmental monitoring are reliable and of high quality. Monitoring is conducted by specialists with high qualification; long data rows ensure an overview of the national status of the environment in many areas, for example, species diversity, ambient air, water, soil, etc.

The comparability and quality of national environmental monitoring and enterprise monitoring has improved, and the use of data has also increased in creating different models for providing evaluations in the interim period of contact measurements.

Environmental monitoring and data acquisition improvement programme

The aim of the programme "Environmental Monitoring and the Development of Data Acquisition" is to develop the tools necessary for the administration, publication and use of monitoring data, according to user needs.

In the framework of the programme, existing monitoring data are reviewed and organised, the needs of the data users studied, solutions developed for data collection as well as possibilities for the better use of the data.

When implementing the programme, new technical solutions are taken into use, an information system created and the necessary infrastructure for collecting and using the monitoring data, incl. relating environmental data with spatial data, as well as connecting the currently distinct data pertinent for the environment.

The practical aim is to minimise the manual work related to the collection and release of environmental monitoring data. Automatisation of data acquisition enables focusing more on the analysis of data and evaluation of trends, the operative monitoring of the status of the environment, as well as the development of environmental information services for the customers.

European Regional Development Fund programme No. 2.2.0801.11-0001 was approved on October 13, 2011. The programme is in force until the end of 2015. The cost of the programme is 1.53 million euros.

Last updated: 13.07.2021