About the Ministry

The Ministry of the Environment is in the literal sense the most nature-friendly ministry of Estonia.

Estonian natural values and resources form a national wealth, which shall be used sustainably. The task of the Ministry of the Environment is to create such prerequisites and conditions which ensure us and the following generations diverse nature and clean living environment as well as the sustainable use of natural resources.

The Ministry of the Environment exists in all places over Estonia. The area of government of the ministry include The Environmental Board, The Environmental Inspectorate, Estonian Land Board, State Forest Management Centre (RMK), the Foundation Private Forest Centre (PFC), OÜ Estonian Environmental Research Centre, Geological Survey of Estonia, AS Estonian Map Centre, AS Ökosil, Estonian Environment Agency (KAUR), Estonian Museum of Natural History and Information Technology Centre of the Ministry of the Environment (KEMIT).

The area of government of the ministry includes:

  • organising of national environmental and nature protection,
  •   fulfilling tasks related to land and databases containing spatial data,
  •   organising the use, protection, re-production and accounting for natural resources,
  •   ensuring radiation protection,
  •   performing tasks related to decrease of climate change,
  •   environmental supervision,
  •   organising meteorological observations, nature and marine research, geological,   cartographic and geodetic operations,
  •   maintenance of land cadastre,
  •   organising the use of external tools for environmental protection, as well as compiling strategic documents and draft legislation.


Last updated: 13.07.2021