Estonia will have young people from eight countries developing green ideas

11.11.2020 | 11:34

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Estonia, as the coordinator of the Nordic-Baltic Cooperation NB8, will bring together young people from eight countries to develop green ideas as part of international cooperation. During the idea creation day ‘Empowering Youth on 21 November: Green Together’, young people from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark are working together to find solutions to environmental problems.

According to the patron of the idea creation day, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, in order to mitigate the effects of climate change it is necessary to find new solutions in many areas so as to leave behind a liveable home planet for future generations.

“Achieving climate neutrality requires effort from every country and every person. Certainly, young people should be involved in the search for solutions, seeing as they are most concerned about climate change and it is their future that will be shaped by our decisions made today.”

“I hope that several ideas that emerge from international youth cooperation can soon be used, helping us to slow down climate change. I encourage young people to actively participate.”

According to Kristi Klaas, the deputy secretary general of the Ministry of Environment, worries about the climate have brought young people to the streets, but the Ministry wishes to find ways to actively involve young people in finding solutions.

“We want young people to actually be able to do something to slow down climate change, and during the international idea creation day, we invite them to discover and propose innovative solutions of their own in cooperation with the environmental and climate experts of the Nordic and Baltic states,” said Klaas.

The international green ideas competition expects young people to have innovative solutions to reduce consumption, develop sustainable food systems and promote circular economy and sustainable mobility.

“We support green innovation, due to new ideas and solutions being needed to mitigate climate change and to adapt to its effects. The more environmentally conscious and knowledgeable about climate young people are, the more they are able to contribute to the changes needed for society,” explained Klaas.

This event is taking place for the first time under the coordination of Estonia and it will hopefully become a tradition, being organised next year by the next coordinator of NB8. Estonia has already proven itself as a very successful organizer of digital events, and this International Idea Day is also taking place virtually. Garage48 and Cleantech ForEst are involved as partners, both of whom have years of experience in organising innovative events and involving young people.

Since 1992, Nordic-Baltic Cooperation, or NB8, has brought together five Nordic countries and three Baltic countries - Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - to informally discuss relevant topics of regional and international importance. In 2000, on the initiative of the then Foreign Minister of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, it was decided that this cooperation format would be designated with the name Nordic-Baltic Eight (NB8), expressing unity of the cooperation format.

The international green ideas competition is organised from the proceeds of the auctioning of allowances for aircraft operators.

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