Forestry and COVID-19

Today (COVID-19 catastrophe) forestry as a primary sector has even more important role and hasty decision-making has to be avoided.
  • Forestry is one of the greenest sectors in Estonia. It is the only sector that is not emitting (in addition to wood consumption it assumes other activities on forest land, such as reforestation and management). In addition, it may be argued that in forestry sector green revolution is already done as all production residues are in use.
  • The impact of COVID-19 to different sectors in Estonia has been analysed3. The analysis brings out, that the impact of COVID-19 to forestry and wood industry was modest (except wooden houses and furniture production). In addition, forestry offers several solutions to other sectors such as human health and wellbeing, also energy. During the crises, the use of forest for recreation has increased significantly. Readiness for such crises (the development of such areas, including trails, cabins etc.) is the result of sustainable forest management. In short, this only supports the fact that forestry in Estonia is sustainable also in such situations as COVID-19 crises.

Last updated: 15.07.2021